Automobile: what are our plans for the future?

Vehicles from past, present and future

Currently, the Autodrome Terramar plays host to a long list of corporate events and film shoots. However, as part of our restoration project, we are looking to improve the motoring area to provide the very best facilities. This way, we hope to be able to welcome a much larger public to events in the future.

The main grandstand at the Autodrome Terramar was built in 1923. By renovating this grandstand, we aim to host more events and become a leading location in the world of motoring and classic cars

As part of the project, we also plan to expand the stand area with new buildings to further showcase the history of this pioneering track and its importance to both Spanish and Catalan motorsport. Whilst we want to pay tribute to classic cars, we also want to dedicate space to cutting-edge technologies and the future of travel.

El nuevo Autòdrom Terramar, finalmente una realidad 4


As well as corporate events, the stand, track and area inside the track will also be able to welcome large public events, including, for instance:

What do we NOT plan to do in the future?

For safety reasons, we don’t allow private individuals or clubs to use the track at the Autodrome Terramar. We also have no intention of holding races on the site.

Are there plans to renovate the track?

We intend to care for the Autodrome Terramar track and maintain it in its present condition, which is what gives it its unique character. If any repairs are required, these will be carried out panel by panel using artisan methods. The use of materials such as asphalt, for example, would only be detrimental to the track and its historical and cultural value.