Equestrian: what do we plan to do in the future?

In the future, the Autodrome Terramar will also include an equestrian area for international show jumping competitions, which will also serve as an ideal day out to bring family and friends together.

Equestrian competitions for everyone

Show jumping was actually one of the first activities that took place at the Autodrome Terramar, despite it being designed for motor racing. But 100 years ago, the original developers of the site could scarcely have imagined that horses would once again play a key role in the reopening of the Autodrome.

The perfect place for sharing moments together

After being closed for decades, the Autodrome restoration project intends to dedicate the area in the centre of the site to equestrian events. This large area will include five different show jumping courses with stands so that the public can attend. All such events will be free and open to the public.

During the winter season

Show jumping events will take place between October and April each year. While show jumping sites in central and northern Europe are closed because of the winter weather, the Autodrome Terramar will welcome show jumpers from all over the continent.

The participants will bring their own horses and teams to compete in various international programmes, and the events will take place in an open environment close to nature. We hope to create an ideal place for sharing experiences together and make it possible for everyone to enjoy the Autodrome Terramar in a way like never before.

The first events are expected to be held from 2023/2024. Can you imagine what they might be like? If you have never been to a show jumping competition before, this video will show you what you can look forward to: