Horses and automobiles: two historic pillars of the Autòdrom Terramar

It may seem surprising, but the connection between the Autòdrom Terramar and the equestrian world dates back to the iconic site’s very beginnings. In the course of our research into the history of the Autòdrom, we discovered plans which show that the original intention of Francesc Armengol was to include equestrian sports in his project for the racing oval.

Earlier this year, when the project for the revitalization of the Autòdrom was presented to its neighbors in Rocamar, we shared information on these pages about the future of the former racetrack. At the time, we highlighted two pillars of the project: equestrian sports and the automotive world. Indeed, a winter show jumping circuit is envisioned at the site – a series of competitions at different levels, completely accessible to the public and featuring some of Europe’s top riders facing off in the sunshine. In addition, the circuit will continue to host numerous automotive events, including the presentation of new models and brands. With that in mind, it is interesting to consider that almost 100 years ago, Francesc Armengol had already thought about bringing together these two activities at the site.

Indeed, a few days ago, the team from GRANDPRIX – the company behind the renewal of the Autòdrom – was astonished to discover an original site plan dating from 1922, one year before the inauguration of the racetrack, in its archives. It clearly shows the intention to create a horse racing course in the middle of the oval. Thus, while GRANDPRIX’s project today is uniquely dedicated to the Olympic equestrian disciplines (primarily show jumping) and not racing, horses appear to have been at the heart of the original vision for the Autòdrom Terramar… A decidedly magical place which has not stopped surprising us…