Nine fast facts about the Autódrom Terramar

1.Under the impetus of Frederic Armangué i Farré, the Autòdrom Terramar was designed by the young Barcelona architect Jaume Mestres, who oversaw a construction process lasting only 300 days – an impressive feat for the era, especially given the size of the track.

2.The race track’s inauguration was scheduled for October 23, 1923. However, strong rains damaged the roof over the stands, delaying the opening to October 28.

3.The construction of the Autòdrom Terramar cost four million pesetas at time, a fortune in today’s terms. But the venture was bankrupt from the get-go, unable to even pay prize money for its first race.

4.The Autòdrom Terramar is the oldest race track in the world to have never been repaired or renovated.

5.After being purchased by Count Edgar Ritter von Morawitz, born in Vienna in 1893, the site experienced its glory days at the beginning of the 1930s. Among other things, the new owner organized races between cars and planes!

6.During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the Republican Army regularly used the site as a training ground.

7.The last race was held there in 1956. Subsequently, the site was used for agricultural activities until the mid-1970s.

8.The slope of the oval’s north curve reaches an angle of 90º, making it the steepest race track in the world.

9.Over the years, the Autòdrom Terramar has hosted numerous celebrities, from the French motor racing driver Alberto Divo to King Alphonse XII, great-grandfather of the current Spanish king, as well as two-time Oscar-winning actress Mary Pickford.