The Autòdrom Terramar: a project for the future

As we wrote about here at the end of March, there have been numerous local and national media reports on the Autòdrom Terramar in recent months. Indeed, the press has picked up on the revitalization project for the historic racetrack presented by Vincent Goehrs, CEO of GRANDPRIX, and Jordi Artigas, from the architectural and planning firm OUA, to the site’s neighbours in the Rocamar area on Monday, May 14.

But what does this project consist of exactly? Before getting into the details, it helps to go back a few years. A little more than two years ago, GRANDPRIX Group first got involved with Terramar as part of the next step in its development strategy. The company’s idea was to create its own events site – welcoming and accessible, multi-purpose and completely integrated into and respectful of the environment.

What is GRANDPRIX Group? GRANDPRIX is a French-Spanish media and events company with longstanding experience in the equestrian field. The group has more than 40 employees in eight countries, and organises events in some of the most emblematic sites for equestrian sports, including Paris, Deauville and Fontainebleau, France.

The vision for the renovation of the Terramar racetrack is based on two fundamental pillars: the equestrian sports world and the automotive sector. First, the renewal will make possible a winter Show Jumping circuit, completely open to the public and giving rise to international competitions at different levels during the coldest months of the year in Northern Europe, when riders can not compete. To that end, a series of multi-purpose spaces will be built in the interior of the oval, which will be able to host not only equestrian competitions but also diverse recreational activities (markets, exhibitions…)

In addition, the racetrack site will welcome various automotive events in the summer, including exhibitions and presentations of new vehicle models. To date, the Autòdrom Terramar has already hosted a diverse range of first-class events, including the worldwide launch of the Cupra motorsport brand at the end of February.

The end goal of the projet is to create an events space open to its surroundings while safe-guarding this jewel of Catalonia’s automotive heritage. After several years of work in close collaboration with the municipal authorities in Sant Pere de Ribes, GRANDPRIX is today presenting a project aimed at preserving and breathing new life into the site. Vincent Goehrs, director of the project, says: “This site has a history, and history is priceless. The Autòdrom is a ‘sacred’ oval which we will respect. Our project is rooted in the history of the track, and we intend to give it a new life, take advantage of its potential and above all take care of it.” He adds that, “Once we have completed all the administrative steps, we will start the construction work. We are in this for the long haul.”

At the start of the month, the Autòdrom Terramar project received the approval of Barcelona’s Urban Planning Commission, a further step towards realising the new vision for the site, which is expected to host its first competitions in early 2020.