Final countdown for reopening the Autodrome

The project for processing the reopening of Terramar Autodrome is now at its final stage. After almost seven years from the presentation of the original proposal, the countdown now allows to envisage the last steps before the start of adaptation works scheduled for early 2023.

Three stages.The processing project for reopening the Autodrome will be carried out in three stages. The first, which will be ready in autumn 2024, will be centered on horse racing, in other words, it will adapt the interior space of the circuit ring to host saltos de caballos international competitions, that will take place from october to april.

The second stage will involve boosting the auto industry, through facilities and equipment allocated to exhibitions and activities related with the auto industry, but in a corporative and exhibition, not competition, since racing tracks are mainly historical and not for competitions.

The third stage will witness the construction of a hotel with a capacity of 150 guests, fully assimilated in nature and local environment and that will host all participants in the activities carried out in the ensemble.

Start of work. The start of works to adapt facilities is planned for the coming months, according to plans by Sant Pere de Ribes Town Council. The first action will be outside on one hand, it will create an access to the site for vehicles, and on the other, it will urbanize the surroundings, in accordance with the criteria set out by the City Hall., that determines services and urban equipment..

Access to the enclosure will be possible through Can Baró’s road, which links with the road to Sitges to Ribes B-211 at Les Torres. The current road will preserve current conditions and will be adapted to bike roads. At the side, and separated by vegetation, the access road for cars will be implemented.

The historical entry to the Autodrome, from Recta de la Mata, will remain solely for pedestrians. The works will also create a new and paved access from the same road for Rocamar residents. In this same point, the plan envisages cleaning the dry river bed, burying electric lines between the dry river bed and Rocamar and a new access to the local drinking water network.

Once exterior works are over, the ring’s interior area will be adapted to convert them to horse jumping tracks, and also service areas for competitions.

A long and cumbersome process. Since the constitution of Terramar 1923 SL, promoter of the Autodrome, in March 2016, a complex process of planning, environmental and administrative processing was carried out, which involved Sant Pere de Ribes Town Council and the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalonia, but also other bodies, such as the Provincial Council of Barcelona and the Department of Climate Action of the Generalitat or the Catalan Water Agency, among others.

The reopening project also meant a 40% reduction of buildable land, in relation with what was marked by the previous General Plan. The project also includes different environmental protection measures, adjusted to the criteria set by the Generalitat and the Xarxa Natura 2000 program.

Active and under maintenance facilities. During the last seven years of administrative processing, the company Terramar 1923 SL carried out several actions to develop the project and perform the first interventions to improve facilities, and its maintenance.

The Autodrome can be visited through the Agis agency. On top of that, it also participates in different open house sessions and in cultural, festive and sporting events such as the Rally of Vintage Cars, Ribes Rural Half Marathon and the Open House 48H or Moto Club Sitges races.