On 21 February this year, regional representatives from the Spanish General Workers Union (UGT) and the Workers Commission (CCOO) visited the Autodrome to learn about the restoration project, the planned works and the economic impact that they will have on the local area. During the visit, led by the director at the Autodrome, Matthieu Liard, union representatives were able to find out more about the initiative, which represents an initial investment of €25 million and the creation of more than 100 jobs.

After the visit, Francesc Rica (UGT), said that the project “is of interest to the region and could fit in well with the local economic structure, given that it would focus on those months in which we receive the fewest”. He added that “the Garraf needs investment”.

Additionally, Albert Rodríguez (CCOO), said that “we take a positive view of what they have presented to us, and now we have to ensure that the investment is confirmed, particularly regarding aspects that are of fundamental importance to us, such as sustainability, employment and the environment”.

Both union representatives also took the opportunity to express their own expectations for the project. Francesc Rica requested that the company take into consideration “the quality of the jobs created and the environmental impact, which surely will be since it is an equestrian business”. Similarly, Albert Rodríguez called for “normal and normalised relationships with local social and economic figures, including the unions”. “We believe that the company wants to take care of its employees. This means offering training and development opportunities, providing the right tools and allowing workers to organise themselves, all to ensure high-quality, sustainable employment”.