Last year, the Autodrome and its facilities attracted more than 500 people to take part in various guided tours, either through the agency AGIS or organised by them with representatives from local collectives and associations. These visits are part of our desire to open up the Autodrome to the region and share the benefits of the restoration project for the local area and the environment.

Closed to the public since the 1950s, the Autodrome now offers the chance to take a tour around the facilities, including walking on the historic track and stands, admiring the buildings that form part of the local heritage and learning about the restoration project itself. These guided tours are organised by the agency AGIS, which also offers tours on other routes around Sitges and the surrounding area. In 2021, around 300 people took part in these tours as individuals or in groups.

At the same time, the Autodrome also invites representatives from various bodies and associations, as well as professionals from the local area, to learn about the restoration project with a tour around the site. Last year, more than 200 people have taken part.

As well as these tours, the Autodrome has also welcomed the numerous participants in the various events held here, such as the Spanish Enduro Championships, the Porsche Red Only meet and the Ribes Rural Half Marathon. The Autodrome restoration project also plans to offer free entry to the equestrian events that will be held between October and April. Works are scheduled to start this year.