Jordi Gené: “The first time I visited the Autódromo it was a big surprise”

Today we speak to Jordi Gené, professional racing driver and ambassador of the Cupra brand, about his experience at the Autódromo of Terramar. Don’t miss it!


Autódromo of Terramar: What are you doing now? Are you still competing?

Jordi Gené: I am currently an ambassador of the Cupra brand, as well as its development pilot. This year we will focus the sporting part on endurance races such as the 24 hours of Nurburgring, the 24 hours of Spa and the 24 hours of Barcelona together with the development of the new Leén Cupra for the TCR world championship and the eRacer, the new 100% electric race car of CUPRA.


A.T.: Explain us your first experience in the Autódromo

J.G.: The first time I visited the Autódromo it was a big surprise for me because I had heard about it but I didn’t get to know it until I made an event for the historic car department of Seat, where I was impressed with having such spectacular and unique facilities in the automotive world next to my house and not having been there in all my life.


A.T.: Since then, how many times have you come back and for what?

J.G.: Since my visit 4 years ago I have repeated a lot of times because they are such impressive facilities and fit with the brands I work with. Seat, Audi VW and Skoda. It is a privileged place for car presentations and events where the staging is important.


A.T.: We have seen you drive along at a very low speed at the top of the cant of the north curve … How do you do it?

J.G.: The experience of copilotage is very spectacular at a low speed since you feel the force of gravity and the angle of lateral inclination makes you think that you will fall. You have to manage the speed very well with the drift that the vehicle takes. It gives the feeling of being skidding throughout the cant.


A.T.: How do you see the revitalization project of the Autódromo of Terramar?

J.G.: It is a very interesting project, being able to give continuity to a circuit that is the same as 100 years ago is very important to preserve the history of Motoring and at the same time it is a unique opportunity to enhance Catalonia and Spain as the first destination of all the brands that want to present its most emblematic models.