The Autodrome was recently used as the ideal place to unveil the new model from KTM, the 1290 Super Adventure S2021, designed by both road and enduro racing. The demanding track, with its unique and pronounced cambers, was used to test out the latest additions and improvements to this latest generation KTM.

The performance of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S2021 was clear for all to see at the trials carried out a few weeks ago. Over the course of five days, the Austrian brand’s riders put the new model through its paces, on both the track and the inner area of the ring, to test its limits on both concrete and the rougher terrain. And the results were spectacular.

This trail session made it possible to see how the new KTM would handle the track’s steep cambers. Riders had to battle against the forces of gravity around the curves with rose up more than 90 degrees to see how well the motorbike could adhere to the concrete slabs – the original ones laid in 1923. These unique, steep cambers were one of the main obstacles that drivers had to face when on the track. The rapid advances in vehicle design during the 1290s allowed faster speeds which, in turn, led to ever greater risk out on the track. Nearly 100 years later, KTM has closed the circle.