Lamborghini chooses the Autodrome Terramar to ‘unlock any road’

The latest creation to visit the Autodrome Terramar and present a unique driving experience is the Lamborghini Urus. The Italian manufacturer decided that the track was the ideal stage to promote its new sports SUV in a 2-minute video inviting us all to explore new roads, set to the sound of Strauss’ “Voices of Spring”. 

The video shows the new available colours as they weave around some of the most challenging routes, changing their chosen driving mode throughout. In the end, the race is one by the classic colour, black, driven by hands of experience. But this is no spoiler; see the video for yourself and see just what exciting narratives can be created at a unique place like the Autodrome Terramar.

“When you have mastered your path, push on to a new one. Unlock any road”, are the taglines that close the video. And if there is a road that is doubtlessly unexplored, it’s the future, something which we’re preparing for here with the opening of the Autodrome Terramar.