Making our dreams a reality: two videos bringing you closer to the future of equestrian and motor events at the Autòdrom Terramar

It is hard to imagine something which you have never seen. Imagine that a place which first opened 100 years ago and has been abandoned for more than 40 could be full of life once again. Imagine that this site could create new memories and emotions as people bear witness to what is possible here.

It is hard to imagine just how the limits of possibility could be pushed, or that horses and cars could come together side by side. It is hard to image all of these things, but it helps to have a clear vision.

The equestrian world and the world of motoring, with all the history that links them, will soon meet at the Autodrome Terramar to once again create a community space that we can all enjoy in a specially cared for, natural environment.

But until you can actually see, feel and experience all this with your own senses, we want to share some videos with you so that you start to fall in love with this dream as much as we have. With them, we have also added some details to give you a feel for what these events will be like.

What will equestrian events by like at the Autodrome Terramar? 

  • Open to the public
  • Featuring international participants
  • With a range of local products and gastronomy on offer
  • With extreme attention to detail to ensure that you enjoy the experience
  • Creating some special memories

These are images taken from events organised by GRANDPRIX in Deauvilla and Fontainbleau (France). Their team will use their experience and knowledge to bring high-quality equestrian events to the Autodrome.

What will car events be like at the Autodrome Terramar? 

  • Linked to automobile history. For example, they will include classic car shows or events like the Barcelona-Sitges International Rally, which was already here in 2019.
  • Linked to a brand looking for a unique place to reveal their creations. In fact, manufacturers like Aston Martin, Seat, Lamborghini and Peugeot have all already chosen the Autodrome for this very purpose.
  • Creative. Film and TV producers have already chosen the Autodrome to film their creations. Examples include Amazon Prime’s ‘The Grand Tour’ or the music video for the latest release by Antonio Orozco.

Footage of the current Autodrome and clips from some of the various film shoots that have been held here.

As we continue to work to make our dream a reality, enriching new details and ideas always emerge which we are always open to. We will continue to keep you up to date with all developments so you can closely follow the reopening of this unique place.