The champions of the Autodrom

More than a century ago, the Autodrom was the stage of the first car and motorcycle circuit races in the state. Inaugurated in October 1923, the Autodrome hosted several races intermittently until May 1955, in which the fastest cars at  the time and different motorcycles competed, in addition to other variants of the period, such as automobiles andc arts.

These competitions attracted international riders, others from the country and some locals, who also joined the emerging passion for motorcycling. The memory of these champions has remained in the history of motor racing in Catalonia and is also present in the testimonies of their children and grandchildren.

This is the case of Ignacio Macaya, who, with an Indian, was second in the 1,000 cc category of the circuit’s first motorcycle race, in 1923. Also that of Joan Hernández i Norte – who climbed the podium on two occasions in the last races, in 1955 – and that of Salvador Paretas, who won one of the final races, also in 1955.