What does the restoration plan for the Riera de Ribes consist of? Five specific measures

In drafting the Autodrome Terramar restoration project, we have worked closely with public organisations and environmental science experts to consider how to ensure that not only does the project not have a negative impact on the surrounding natural environment but actually improves it. One of the actions considered is a plan to improve the conditions of the Riera de Ribes, which is currently in a poor state due to the presence of waste and invasive species.

We wanted to take the initiative in these matters and, as part of the agreement signed with Sant Pere de Ribes town council last month, we have agreed to carry out a number of environmental actions in line with the Riera de Ribes Special Protection and Restoration Plan.

This project has been driven by the Els Colls i Miralpeix consortium and drafted by Lavola. It was initially approved by the Local Government of Sant Pere de Ribes on 19th April 2011 and by the Sitges local government on 6th April 2011. However, to date, the project is yet to be implemented.

What specific measures will be carried out on the Riera de Ribes? 

  1. An associated green route will be established on the Riera, with sections for walkers and cyclists. Any accesses and paths liable to flooding will also be signposted at points where the route crosses the Riera.
  2. Work will be carried out to remove the waste and rubbish currently dumped on the site and action will be taken to restore the vegetation degraded by this contamination.
  3. There are also plans to plant new indigenous plant species, reprofiling and stabilising the edges to avoid excessive changes. Measures will also be adopted to ensure that the plant life will survive in the natural environment.
  4. All giant cane, which is an invasive species, will be removed and replaced by indigenous Riera plant species.
  5. The dry-stone walls will be rebuilt and restored.

By implementing these measures in the area surrounding the Autodrome, we hope to leave the Riera in better condition, protect indigenous species and remove the contamination that is currently blighting the area.

En què consisteix el pla de restauració de la Riera de Ribes? Sis mesures concretes 4
Map of the green route included in the Riera de Ribes Special Protection and Restoration Plan