What will the Autodrome Terramar of the future be like? We explain all in this video

Trying to explain the Autodrome Terramar restoration project in just two minutes is a challenge, but that’s what we’ve done in this video! Using images, we want to show you what the Autodrome will be like in the future, almost 60 years after it last closed and almost a century after it was first built.

This video will help you to visualise the new design of the site and what it will look like. Here are some key highlights:
  1. The Autodrome aspires to be a place where people can come together and create memorable moments. As a result, it will be freely accessible most of the time and will be used to host events, mainly equestrian and motoring events.
  2. The project also includes the restoration and protection of the various historic buildings on the site, such as the farmhouses, the old Champion building and the pit boxes. It will also include the creation of some complementary services, such as a hotel area with accommodation for up to 150 guests. We also intend to plant an entire hectare of organic farming area in the north of the site.
  3. The Autodrome project also includes key priorities when it comes to protecting and preserving the site’s landscape and rich nature. As a result, the buildable land has been reduced by 40% and only 5.3 hectares of the 65 in total will be allocated for building work. This figure includes the historic buildings that are already on the site and will be restored. We also have adopted measures to protect the environment, improve the ecological connectivity both within the site and with the surrounding area, restore the Riera de Ribes, plant 700 trees of indigenous species and many other initiatives besides, all of which you can consult in our green code.
If you would like to find out more about the project, you can see this press release and our in-depth FAQs.