The Trees at the Autodrome

As well as being a place of 20th-century history, the Autodrome is also home to around one hundred fruit trees. Fig trees, apricot trees, almond trees, olive trees… all of them are part of what makes the site so unique. As a result, we have been caring for them for years. Since the project first began, in 2016, we have been treating and pruning them, and we will continue to do so.

In fact, under the plans of the Autodrome Terramar restoration project, we plan to increase the tree population with the planting of 700 new specimens of 30 different species, all of which will be indigenous (not to mention the flowers, meadowland and shrubs). Furthermore, we also plan to take a number of steps to preserve and nurture the existing plant life, and all of these measures are summarised in our green code.
So that you can enjoy these wonderful trees with your own eyes, we have made this video for you:

Other planned steps to preserve and improve the environment here include the restoration of the area behind the south curve (currently an abandoned field) with riverside vegetation and the restoration of the gallery forest on the western side of the Autodrome, between the track and the Riera de Ribes (within the planning area). You can see all our planned environmental activities here.