Finding inspiration at the Autodrome Terramar

The Autodrome Terramar is an inherently inspiring place. It’s a truly unique location where people never fail to create new ideas. Ever since its inception, the Autodrome has inspired many international events and it will continue to do so into the future.

The Autodrome Terramar was inaugurated on 28 October 1923 with the First Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, and clearly, motor racing is what the site was best known for. However, the Autodrome hosted a number of events throughout the 20th century, including cycling events, motorcycle races, and it was even used as an aerodrome for light aircraft.
It was also chosen as the venue for political rallies, and Francesc Cambó held a number at the Autodrome. Christmas events and other popular gatherings, such as the Aplec de la Liga Catalana (see the image below to the right), we also held here, according to the Friends of the Autodrome Association. In fact, the track was even used to test carnival floats, which were built inside the stands.
El Autòdrom Terramar como inspiración: eventos que miran al mundo 1
But as well as these joyful occasions, the Autodrome also went through tougher times, such as a Civil War. During the conflict, it was used as a training camp – one of 50 established in Catalonia by the Republic. Then much later on, the site would become a poultry farm, a far cry from its original purpose.

Recent history and the Autodrome’s creative potential

In the last four years, we have decided that this function as a place for gatherings, creativity and events needs to be restored. Since we started working on this project, the Autodrome Terramar has attracted major car brands, film and advertising producers and artists, all of whom can clearly see the site’s creative potential, even before we have even finished the project and all the improvements it will bring.
The Autodrome track and its spectacular location make it the ideal place to create new experiences and inspiring work. One of the most recent examples of this is the video for the global launch of the Aston Martin DBX, produced by filmmaker Daisy Zhou.

“It was a unique place and the perfect backdrop for a spirit of daring and adventure”

At the beginning of 2020, more than 400 journalists from around the world visited the Autodrome Terramar and the Garraf region to attend the presentation of Peugeots hybrid vehicle range. The French company chose the circuit to hold its #ElectricFirstDrive event, offering more than 1,500 test drives. An off-road course was event set up on the inside of the track.

Beyond the world of motoring, the site has also been used recently as the set for a music video. Antonio Orozco, nominated for the Latin GRAMMY® among the best composers in the world, chose the Autodrome as the ideal location to record the video for his latest single, “Hoy”.

Other events held in previous years include the Barcelona-Sitges rally in March 2019, (which unfortunately had to be cancelled this year) and the worldwide launch of the Seat Cupra in February 2018.
El nuevo Autòdrom Terramar, finalmente una realidad 4
Credit: Gaby Esono

“It is a special place for car presentations and events where staging is important” – Jordi Gené

Professional racing driver and Cupra brand ambassador, Jordi Gené (see the photo below), recalled his experience at the Autodrome Terramar: “The first time I visited the Autodrome, it was a huge surprise because I had heard of it but never visited until an event for Seat’s historical cars department. I was impressed by the site because it was so spectacular and truly unique in the world of motoring. It is a special place for car presentations and events where staging is important“. 

Jordi Gené: “La primera vez que visité el Autódromo fue una sorpresa mayúscula”

Future events

In the near future, the main events at the Autodrome will be equestrian and motoring events, the project’s two main focuses. It is also expected that the Autodrome will continue to be a place open to creativity, popular gatherings and inspiring new ideas.

Organise an event at the Autodrome Terramar

If you are planning to organise an event and you are looking for a location that guarantees a unique experience, please get in contact with us so we can start creating something special together.